Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Poet Quiboloy to be honored

Poet Quiboloy to be honored
A Kapampangan poet laureate from Lubao who died in 1999 will be honored by the Center for Kapampangan Studies when it unveils his laurel crown on January 14 at ten o’clock in the morning. The late poet’s family and friends will be joined by CKS officials and local poets in the ceremonies.

Born in 1911 in Sta. Catalina, Lubao, DelfinTurlaQuiboloy was an educator who became a prolific poet and playwright in the 1960s until the 1980s. In 1964 he and other poets founded the Aguman Ding TalasulatKapampangan. In 1969 the United Poet Laureates International headed by Amado Yuzon honored him for his contributions to world poetry in general and Kapampangan literature in particular.
In 1977 he was elected president of the Aguman, and the following year he launched the annual Don Gonzalo Puyat Memorial Awards for Pampango Literature, through the assistance of Senate President Gil J. Puyat.
His poem entitled “IndungKapampangan” won first prize in a poetry writing contest in 1981 during the celebration of Pampanga Day. With another poet laureate, Jose Gallardo, he published the book “Kuriro at Kawatasan.” By the time he died in 1999 he had written more than 200 poems, novels and zarzuelas.
Quiboloy was a town mate and contemporary of DiosdadoMacapagal and Rogelio de la Rosa, who were also poets and zarzuelistas before they became politicians.
The tribute is a partnership between Holy Angel University and Quiboloy’s family led by his son Dante, who lives in the US.

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My mom's blog post about the similar event. :) We're from Lubao, too.

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